My Motivation To Get A Bachelor Degree In Nursing

This is my request to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. To be eligible for the accelerated nursing degree at Brandon University, I must complete a year of pre-nursing. The program gives aspiring students the necessary prerequisites to obtain a BSCN. This program serves as an intermediary in the education of international students. After earning my diploma as a nurse in 2015, I want to keep going. My experience in the healthcare sector for three years has convinced me to pursue a nursing degree. Because of the many cases and diseases that I have witnessed in the healthcare sector, my decision to continue was made. Caring to people is a delicate process that requires skill improvement and consistent study. My decision was based on the desire for more depth and supervision in nursing, while simultaneously caring for patents.

Nursing is more than a job. When I was young, I went to the hospital and took care of my sick mother. This inspired me to be a nurse. My mum was greatly helped by this holistic care. My soul has felt joy since I was able to care for patients. It is my ambition to greatly contribute to the Nigerian healthcare system. I decided to research the country that offers high education standards and a sophisticated health care system. I studied the USA, Canada and UK. Based on my research, Canada is a great country in terms standard education, peaceful nation, outstanding health care infrastructure, affordable education system, and quality of life. Brandon University was the university that I chose to narrow my search. It is a top-ranked university for undergraduate students and I felt it was a good choice for international students. I believe the knowledge gained from my diploma program as a nurse has prepared me to excel in my first nursing degree. I am currently employed by Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital Okolobiri Nigeria. In this role, I take care patients and give medication. I’ve met many students while working in a Teaching Hospital. Many of these students are undergrads. This is possible if you have more knowledge in the field. My career will be enhanced by obtaining an international nursing degree. This will allow me to stand out among my peers in regards to my ambition of becoming a director in the nursing service of the institution I work for.

Nigeria is a developing economy that desperately needs nurses trained internationally. After my studies are over, I will return home to Nigeria to give back to my community and show my knowledge to future nurses. My future goal is also to set up a clinic and spread my skills to other people in my area.


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