Planning Your Personal Development: How I Have Managed To Develop Myself

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An opening

Amplify my communication to help me relate with my fellow students

SWOT Analysis


S.K.A Analysis

Since joining the university, my teamwork abilities have improved. I took a team role personal inventory and found that:

I discovered that my strengths were:

Thus, in conclusion

An opening statement

Personal Development Planning will enhance and support my experience as a student. Personal Development Planning will be used to reflect, review and build on my personal and educational development. PDP gives me an opportunity to organize and think about my own development. The PDP helps me identify the path I need to take to achieve my goals and what steps I must take to be successful (Davis 2011). The main issues I will address are:

What is my goal in life?

Who would I like to be one day?

What are my goals and ambitions?

Do I take charge of my own life?

According to Brondie and Noume (2009), personal development planning will provide me with a number of benefits essential to my personal, professional, educational and social success. These include

I have a clear idea of my career and a path to follow.

Confidence in making decisions

Identifying and utilizing my personal attributes and skills to further my career.

Empowering my job search

I can discuss my abilities, skills and qualities with potential employers.

I will be able to plan and solve problems better.

I will be able to adopt a positive attitude towards my career and life.

As a student of postgraduate studies, I’m not just concerned about the degree I’ll receive after my studies. The degree program also gave me a wide range of learning activities to improve my professional and personal life (Brodie 2009). In interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds, I was able to improve on my leadership and social skills. It also helped me develop my teamwork capabilities (Switon N.d.). It is used to plan, review and develop academic and personal goals. PDP can be used to help a student learn about a new culture while studying abroad.

Amplify my communication to help me relate with my fellow students

The Master’s Program is a great opportunity to further your education

How can I improve my communication skills with other students?

This will help me identify areas where I can improve.

I want to improve my effectiveness and confidence as a graduate student.

Increase my management and study prospects

Combining my academic achievements with co-curricular experiences.

The research I do will yield more results

As I maintain my strengths, it will allow me to maximize the opportunities.

My c.v. will benefit from the development of my skills.

To create a PDP that is appropriate, I will look at the stages of my development as a person and what I have expected since joining the University.

How and where was I when I started university?

What I’m doing now

What I want to achieve and where I plan to be.

The university had a profound impact on my professional development. This included factors such as my family background, cultural and social factors from my native country, and the political system in our country. My promotion to operation officer affected my progress as a marketing professional. As a result, I forgot some of the important marketing concepts that I learned during my bachelor’s degree. Because my foreign-language skills were so poor, I lacked good communication abilities. I found it difficult to adjust to a foreign environment. Foreign students often face these challenges (Lowes Peters Turner, 2004).

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis will help me to examine my current situation.


Ability to socialize

Quick understanding

Good communication skills


It Skills

Time management is important

Teamwork is a must

Plan well and with order

Areas of improvement

Analytical Skills

Work is a passion

Academic Writing

The shy

Presentation skills problem

Harvard style referencing


I worked in AML at my former bank

The university atmosphere should be conducive to learning

Government Scholarship

Attend school in the United Kingdom.

International students are welcome to study with us.


Family of large size


Change my career.

Postgraduates are returning to my country in greater numbers

Personal Life

Job Opportunities Available

Longing for one’s home


The SWOT/matrix helps individuals analyze their position. This matrix can also be used to develop products. The SWOT matrix has helped me identify my strengths, Weaknesses and opportunities. These are areas I consider to be an advantage over other colleagues. It is an area I have no problems achieving. This is why I need to be careful not to neglect these attributes. They are what gives me the edge to reach my goals, and to maximize my opportunities. I will take advantage of the opportunities that are available to me to reach my development goals. I have to address my weaknesses and deal with my threats in order to become the person I want. I must find a way to deal with my weaknesses. These include my poor analytical abilities, being too attached to the work, my academic style of writing, my shyness, my poor presentation skills, as well as my poor referencing. The following methods will be used to solve each problem.


What steps can be taken to advance?

Poor analytical abilities

Asking questions

No assumptions

Take things as they are

Information gathered can be turned into knowledge

Make sure you understand everything that I have learned

Work can become a source of attachment

Proper time management


Proper planning

Scholarly Writing

Attending class is important

More research is needed on the writing skill

Students and team members can consult with each other

Follow the instructions of the lecturer

Being shy

Appreciate and be confident in myself

Presentation skills problem

I can improve my skills by participating in a group session.

Harvard style referencing

The lecture notes for the class on writing styles, skills and techniques

Threats are also something I need to be aware of. The threats are all the things which “threaten” to my development plans. External and internal factors are both threats. My own personal life is one of my biggest internal threats. To increase my chances to reach both my professional and personal goals I can control internal threats. In order to handle the internal threats I’ll need self-control, discipline and a lot of willpower. External threats come from factors that are beyond my control. These include weather conditions, job competition and an increase in the number of people seeking master’s degrees. To handle these threats, you will need to

S.K.A Analysis

This is how I would summarize my S.K.A. Analysis:


Scheduling and organization of one’s time

Office skills

Decision Maker



Experience in My Specialty

Research ability

My specialty is of interest to readers.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.




My list of skills to develop includes

Foreign languages


Presentation skills

I.T skills

Innovation skills

Leadership skills

To improve these skills, i will use my research knowledge and try to continue education.

Teamwork, presentation and communication skills

The ability to work in a team and have good interpersonal skills is considered essential for academic and career success. Our university, unlike many other institutions, has helped me develop and improve my knowledge of these two skills. The university’s academic excellence is balanced with teamwork. “Teamwork means that the tasks are divided in order to multiply results” (Noume 2011, p. It is not about you, but always about the team. Teamwork improves our presentation and interpersonal skills. Through group projects and cross-school assignments, the University has improved teamwork and communication skills. Leadership skills are also enhanced by teamwork. Presentation and teamwork are integral to professionalism and management activities. Teamwork is important for project success because it enhances performance (Lee & Bailey 2007, 2007). The university puts a lot of emphasis on developing teamwork and presentation abilities.

My teamwork abilities have improved since I began attending university. When I took a look at my team skills, I created a list of team roles. I received scores of 7,12,12.9,14, and 9 for these roles.

My weaknesses could classify me as a non-monitor-evaluator or non-completer. The reason I got so few marks is that my traits were not those of excellence.

I discovered that my strengths were:


Being imaginative

Solving problems is a skill

Leadership qualities

Good delegating skills

Being cooperative

Listening well is important

Listening with diplomatic intent

Being dynamic

Avoiding friction is a key skill.

I also realized that my teamwork skills are not always the best.

Analytical (judging) skills are poor

Being manipulative

Delegating work

Can provoke others


Over optimistic

I will do my best to keep my strengths, and to make them work for me in my professional and personal life. However, I am also going to try and improve my weak points. I will be able to do more for the team. The project management tasks I perform at work will improve (Lee & Bailey 2007,) and this will help me to develop professionally. I will also have a better relationship with colleagues both at work and school.

ConclusionThe PDP should be taken seriously by everyone. It can help you develop professionally and personally if used correctly. It allows you to measure your progress over time. It helps to identify where one has been and where one is headed. It has helped me assess my strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. It can also help one identify threats they will have to face if they want to succeed. The PDP has helped me as a foreigner student to find my way to success. The PDP process has helped me to identify the key issues affecting my career. The S.K.A. Analysis has allowed me to identify the skills I’ve been lacking, and plan to develop them so I can be who I want. My learning analysis and my S.K.A analysis helped me gain a better understanding of my career. My C.V. will improve and I’ll gain more confidence by addressing my weak points. It will help me to excel once I graduate from university. PHP helped me know which resources I should use to achieve success.


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