Motivation Letter For Internal Medicine Residency Program

On the last day of college, one of my professors told me that if you are passionate about your job, you won’t have to work any more. This thought has remained with me for many years. As I set out on my professional journey, I now fully understand the importance of this advice. I believe that no matter how difficult or long-winded your workday, there is no better place than the one you find in your professional career. It was a wonderful experience to pursue a career as an internist. This specialty will allow you to live your passions: critical problem solving, lifelong learning, teamwork, empathy, and caring for other people.

My vision of doctors as superheroes, with vast knowledge of countless ailments, was what drove me to medical school. My family encouraged me to follow my lead and I was able to help them. My father called to ask questions about his hypertension medication. My college friend inquired about what an abnormal pap test meant, and my sister was curious if she should seek medical treatment for her rheumatoid disease. Because these were the conditions I wanted and could treat, I was attracted initially to medicine. There are many paths to medicine. However, Internal Medicine is a higher level of specialty that requires a deeper understanding than other primary care specialties. Internal Medicine was what I was meant to do because it allowed me to build a strong foundation. I was just a third year medical student and just started my clinical years. This is how I found myself in the challenging world that is Internal Medicine. During my clerkship, I learned about the pathophysiology and treatment of various diseases. I still vividly recall my first ICU patient. She had complications due to congestive cardiac failure and diabetic neuropathy. I used to go to her bed every day at 6 o’clock in the morning, and do a physical exam. I was an integral part of the patient’s care and she trusted me to follow her medical instructions. I learned from her that the success of patient’s treatment depends on the relationship between doctor and patient.

Many internists have inspired me throughout my clerkships. Not only by their vast knowledge, but also by the kindness and compassion they show while providing patient care. My reasons for choosing internal medicine are similar to my original motivations for attending medical school. I believe this path will enable me to play a crucial role in the human experience. As physicians, we see patients at their most vulnerable and during times of greatest need. This is where physicians have a greater impact than just their clinical duties. Internists can make a significant impact on the lives of patients. They are a confidant to them and help them navigate their way through pain. Internists can listen to each patient’s unique story and help to determine the best treatment. It is a privilege to be able to develop such positive relationships with patients. This career path will allow me to highlight my strengths and continue developing the qualities I admire in internists.

I strongly believe that my intellect, skills, talents and abilities will allow me to succeed as an internist. Leadership, teamwork and honesty are all important to me. I am open to any challenge and will bring a true sense for commitment, integrity. It was a privilege to have learned so much from such talented doctors during my clerkships.


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