Negative And Positive Aspects Of Peer Pressure

Did you ever feel the need to conform to social norms or feel that you were being forced into doing something? A survey by scientists found that only 10% of the world’s population has not been affected by peer pressure. The survey revealed that 90% of the world was influenced negatively by peer pressure. Today, I will convince you that peer pressure can be a problem and that it should never be encouraged.

It’s not just teens encouraging each other to be risky or engaging in unhealthy behavior. Peer pressure can be positive. While peer pressure has many negative aspects and behaviors, it can also have positive effects on a person’s life. Your attitude and outlook will determine how positive peer pressure influences your life. Positive peer pressure can make it easy for you to recognize if you have been encouraged by them. You should do your research if someone encourages you. Even if you think otherwise. You will quickly see that you should not be pushed into doing drugs by someone you are close to. Let’s now talk about negative peer pressure. Let’s suppose that you and some friends attend a party, which is supposed to be supervised and that your friends start talking about how much they love to drink alcohol and to get high. It’s a terrible situation. You may think it’s okay to take a few steps back. It can make a big difference in your life. Negative peer pressure is something that can be dealt with quickly. Negative peer-pressure can be small or large enough to make you bully someone. As you know, negative peer pressure can affect your outlook and behavior. Negative peerpressure can make you feel stupid, helpless or useless. Your parents are likely to have seen your teenage son/sister ask for your help.

I believe that peer pressure should not be a reality. This is why I am going to tell you about both negative and positive peer pressure and how they can impact your life.


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